︎xBAL is an experimental studio label that crosses the real and digital virtual worlds, focusing on building a co-creation platform celebrating NFT artistic creation and community education through space curation, architectural planning and design as its cornerstone.

// Team xBAL strives to provide a safe and educational digital space for the public or those interested in learning about NFT with a clear and effective understanding of knowledge related to NFT. We also aim to help those interested to seamlessly connect to the platform and realise the vision of collaborating and growing together in a co-creative NFT environment.

// As a member of the global NFT community, team xBAL hopes to contribute to the entire NFT community and collaborate with partners who share the same visions to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, creating a continuous and evolving NFT architecture and art space.

// We aim to connect new media artists, traditional artists, and the general public through virtual and physical exhibitions and events and workshops in different cities. Highlighting the aesthetic value of combining digital art and experience in the real world, allowing visitors to gain a sense of identity and belonging in real and virtual communities.

// In addition, we plan to regularly invite different speakers and partners on various online platforms (e.g. Twitter space/clubhouse/discord) and run workshops to interact and educate the community on various topics, such as art creation and NFT art sales, cyber security, etc.